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Sports Nutrition Supplements

Jessica LeeSep 7 2017

Sports Nutrition Supplements These are a few of my favorite things for any athlete! Electrolyte/Energy formula This is an excellent electrolyte formula. Use one scoop in water before, during and after a hot day of working out or playing your favorite sport. Ubiquinol or CoQ10 CoQ10 is known for its amazing health benefits for the heart. I love this product for sports because it can increase energy in all muscles (not just the heart!). Chew one before a tennis match or that half marathon. Ribo-CarniClear This amazing formula provides both energy and calm. I love it before and during a tennis match to help increase focus and energy, while balancing that with calming the nerves. Mix one teaspoon in water. Helping to maintain calm and focus can help nearly every sport. Homeopathic Arnica Montana 200C I have this in my tennis bag, bike pack and in the house – it is amazing for acute injury or trauma. The key is to take it as soon after an injury as possible. You can just dissolve a few pellets under your tongue, every hour or two, after an ankle sprain or any other injury. CurcuPlex-95 You have probably heard about Turmeric and its amazing anti-inflammatory properties. This is a very readily absorbed form that I used often for heart health, as well as pain and inflammation of any type. (It is also amazing at preventing hangovers. Take two before the consumption of alcohol begins.) For regular use, take one capsule twice/day.

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