Upcoming Detox Workshops

Here’s information for our Upcoming Detox Classes!

Spring Cleanse 2021

This is a great time to get back in control of your food choices, give your liver a little boost for cleaning out toxins, and learn some great ways to avoid toxins you might not even be aware of.

I have been leading detox groups twice/year for 20 years.Everyone feels better at the end of our cleanse. A smattering of the reported improvements include: Improved sleep ~Decreased joint pain ~Fewer/no headaches ~No more hot flashes ~Hormonal balance ~Clarity of thought ~Motivation ~Improved mood ~Better energy ~Weight loss ~Blood sugar control ~Clear skin

Research has shown that toxins are stored in body fat and are one of the reasons that people have some difficulty losing weight. Doing a liver cleanse can boost weight loss, but the way that we do it also changes your food habits, so that you can eat and be satisfied on a very clean diet. Therefore less likely to gain weight back at the end.

Cleanse details, so that you’ll know what you’re getting into: ~Physician-quality supplements included in the package ~Recipes for healthy cleansing ~Classes as a group on zoom, with weekly presentations on latest toxin information, cleanse hacks, and how to overall improve your health and that of your family ~Excellent and fun group support ~Diet changes like no more caffeine, alcohol, sugar, refined carbs (bread, pasta, etc), sugar, dairy, eggs, wheat… ~Good food choices like lean, healthy proteins, fruits, veggies and whole grains are all allowed. While it takes some prep - it is very easy to eat well on this cleanse

Sign up NOW!!! Our cleanse will take place via zoom on Wednesday evenings, March 17, 24 and 31 from 6:30-8pm Virtual Classes will be held via an encrypted zoom link. The cost is $345, which includes ~Physician quality supplements shipped right to your door ~Informative and inspiring group classes ~Support of a great cleanse group ~Detox instructions and recipe guide

Discounts Available: 15% off for repeat cleansers 10% off if you bring a friend (10% off for both of you)

Sign up by today so that we can get your products to you for the beginning of the cleanse. (We will take sign ups until the day the cleanse class begins on March 17, but if you sign up that late you may start a little later while you wait for the products to arrive.)

If interested, reply to this email or call or text Harmony at 707-780-6033.

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