Care for the Advanced Years

As they age, most Americans are on several prescription medications and handfuls of supplements to try to keep them healthy. Dr. Thyr can work with you to prevent illness and keep the need for medications to a minimum. She can also consult with you to make sure that the supplements you are on are the most effective and even necessary. Or help to figure out what herbs and nutrients are the most important for you, based on your history, family history, and health issues.


Diabetes care and the treatment of its sequelae costs Americans millions of dollars. There are natural, safe and effective treatments to help control blood sugar and to aid in issues that have been caused by uncontrolled diabetes.


Pain is the limiting factor for many people in being able to maintain the active lifestyle that they loved. Nutritional changes, as well as supplements and herbs, can have great impact on eliminating suffering. Dr. Thyr will also work with you to create a plan of exercise that will keep you moving.

Vision Care

Next to pain, inability to see keeps people from doing what they love the most. Herbal treatments can help keep your eyes healthy as you grow older. Ask Dr. Thyr for a program that will not interfere with any other medications or supplements you may be taking.

Memory Loss

Aging people are forever forgetting where they put the keys, why they came to this room, what that girl's name is, the word for…. Keeping your mind healthy and active is you age is a great gift. Mental exercises, meditation, nutrition and dietary supplements will help your brain function better than ever.


A good night's sleep is your body's best help in rejuvenation and good health. The vast number of prescriptions written for sleep aids is a clear sign that we are not sleeping well. But those medicines are not taken without a price. Many people feel groggy the next morning, and may even be at a greater risk for falls and then, broken bones, and even dementia. Nutrition and lifestyle management, as well as looking at possible underlying causes (hormones, adrenals, thyroid, etc.) can help you to have a naturally good night's sleep. Many herbal therapies and safe supplements can also help. We can create a plan that will be sure to not interfere with anything you are already taking.

Digestive issues

Everything seems to slow down a bit as we age. The same is true for digestive function. But know that optimal digestive function and regular bowel movements can be yours! From heartburn to constipation, naturopathic doctors specialize in making sure the GI tract is functioning superbly. There are a myriad of treatments to help - from diet changes to enzymes to other supplements - there will be a plan that will work for your needs.

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