Meal Plan on Detox

Meal Planning

These are just suggestions. Do what works in your own diet and lifestyle. If possible, everything we eat on a cleanse should be organic.


Detox Tea

Spa Water (water with cucumber and mint)

Unsweetened cranberry juice, just a splash, in your water

Organic Green Tea

Bubbly water - not too much, but is ok for a change


Immune Support Breakfast*

Detox Shake**

Oatmeal with mixed berries and pecans

Miso Soup

Tofu and veggie scramble


Hummus and veggies (carrots, cucumber, celery, jicama)

Nut butter and sliced apples

Nuts are a great snack - be aware if trying to lose weight, they are calorically dense

Detox Shake


Veggie stir-fry with saucy sauce*

Summer Salad

Red Lentil Soup

Curried Quinoa with Mango

Strawberry and spinach salad

Grilled chicken on bed of mixed greens (any salad with some chicken or fish)

Detox Shake


Geoffrey’s Marinated Chicken*

Grilled fish, steamed broccoli and cauliflower with tahini sauce (“Saucy Sauce”)

Brown rice

Chicken and vegetable soup

Salmon and green beans

Stir Fry with either tofu or chicken

*Found in recipe section **The Detox Shake includes the Detox Protein powder (Core Support) that comes in the kit. We mix it with a variety of things, like organic frozen spinach, organic frozen berries, half an avocado, nut butter, mango pieces, a little banana, sometimes carrots, nuts, ginger. Whatever combination makes you happy.The Core Support Powder comes in chocolate or vanilla.

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