Microneedling with Exosomes

We are offering the most optimal exosomes with our microneedling practice. Reach out for more information.

My journey into natural skin care

I have never been a real proponent of anti-aging. I have been in the sun most of my life, including years racing a sailboat in Southern California. I have always felt that my skin would look used when I was older. And I had a great time, so I was ok with that.

Then I turned 55.

My face started to show some wrinkles in my cheeks. The skin under my chin began to droop. And my decollete, which got less sunscreen than my face did for sure, started to look like a dried up river bed.

I met Dr. Natiya Guin at a naturopathic continuing education conference in January. She spoke at the conference I was attending and talked about this truly groundbreaking natural treatment for helping to reduce wrinkles and signs of aging. I was fascinated.

I also was lucky enough to be going to another naturopathic conference recently near where she practices and she agreed to train me on the use of this natural therapy.

As a naturopathic doctor, I really want to help all of my patients well being utilizing the highest quality, natural therapies I can find. I was impressed by the research that Dr. Guin had done into exosomes to find the best ones on the market. There is an enormous range in quality out there. The stem cell derived exosomes from ExcoCel Bio (the product is called “Exovex”) are by far the most potent in growth factors and their ability to stimulate collagen growth.

If you get microneedling with Exovex done, you can expect to continue to see collagen stimulation and improvements in your skin for a full year.

And it is ALL NATURAL! No cutting your skin, no fillers or chemicals, no Botox. Just gorgeous natural improvements in your skin.

Microneedling with exosomes can also be used to help treat scarring from acne. People with scars on their faces are often suffering from being self conscious about their appearance. I am thrilled to be able to offer a natural treatment that can help them feel confident in their appearance again.

As I became more aware of the harmful chemicals in many skin care products, I have done a great deal of research to find the most effective, safest, natural skin care products. This passion has made me realize how much garbage is on the market that people are lathering on their faces and bodies daily. Helping our faces look good is an enormous industry. Many products have big promises to go along with their big price tags, but not much science or results to back it up. I have mostly talked about this aspect of skincare in my detox workshops. The goal of these courses is not just to help people feel better, but also to have a greater awareness of the toxins that they’re exposed to daily and how to move away from them in the most simple and cost effective manner possible.

It is along this care and concern for what we are using on our skin that makes microneedling with exosomes such a perfect fit for my practice.

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The Exosomes from ExoCel Bio are the highest quality we have found. This article describes how they are different and what they can do. https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/exocel-bio-ushers-in-next-generation-of-regenerative-aesthetics-with-all-natural-exosomes-serum-exovex-301553156.html

Are you seeking a more natural approach to healthy and beautiful skin?

Dr. Thyr now offers microneedling with exosomes for a more natural and lasting facial treatment.


Microneedling with exosomes is a unique method of reducing fine lines, wrinkles and acne scars, as well as pigmentation issues. Exosomes are 100 times more dense in growth factors than PRP, making it up to five times more effective with less time and treatment. This procedure has minimal pain and downtime, with best results achieved by performing a series of treatments 6-8 weeks apart. Scalp treatments may be performed for halting hair loss and rejuvenating hair follicles.


Skin smoothing and reduction of sun spots if often visible within 2-3 days. The boosting of collagen growth takes longer and those effects are seen by 6-8 weeks post treatment. They continue to improve for one year. Optimal results are visible at 6 weeks and continue to be seen for up to one year, unlike filler injections, which are seen right away in specific locations but the effects are short lived.

Before your treatment:

Exercise and eating are fine the day of your treatment. Most medications and supplements can be taken as usual. Avoid anything with a blood thinning effect for 3 days prior to treatment (Fish oil, Vitamin A, Ginkgo, Vitamin E). Avoid anti-inflammatory medications three days prior and the day of treatment, such as acetaminophen and ibuprofen. Avoid applying products with retinol for one week prior to treatment. Do not wear makeup to the office for your treatment. Dr. Thyr will clean your skin warm, wet towels prior to the procedure.

During your treatment:

Procedure and consent will be reviewed prior to beginning the process. Explanation of risks and outcomes will take place at this time. Any questions will be answered. Numbing the area where the microneedling and exosomes will be applied is the first step. The microneedling device is used to create micropunctures in the dermis of the skin, which allows the exosomes to penetrate to stimulate collagen production and growth factors. Three passes of microneedling will take place to ensure optimal application of exosomes for a complete and thorough treatment. The neck and decollete may be added or areas of deeper creases or other areas of concern injected. Dr. Thyr will be checking on you throughout the procedure. Let her know if you experience any discomfort or are having a reaction.




Plan a relaxing day/evening the day of your procedure. Your face will remain numb for 2-3 hours post-treatment. You will likely experience mild to moderate swelling and redness which will last from 24-72 hours. You can eat and drink as soon as you feel comfortable, but avoid alcohol for 72 hours. Do NOT apply any makeup. Keep the exosomes on your face for the full day for optimal effectiveness. Avoid direct sunlight, vigorous exercise or sauna for 48 hours.


Cleanse skin using water only or a gentle cleanser. Moisturize skin with a thick layer of organic face cream, hyaluronic acid or Vitamin C gel. It is critical that it is free of harsh chemicals or fragrances. Protect your skin with a SPF 50 sunscreen of your choice. Avoid chemicals, especially oxybenzone, instead using zinc or titanium dioxide sunscreens. Badger makes one of our favorites. Avoid colorants and perfumes.


Cleanse skin using water only or a gentle cleanser. Moisturize skin with a thick layer of organic face cream, hyaluronic acid or Vitamin C gel. It is critical that it is free of harsh chemicals or fragrances.


Resume normal skincare routine, ideally choosing products that are free from toxins such as parabens and phthalates, and fragrance.


Avoid strenuous exercise for 48 hours post treatment so that you do not sweat profusely. We want to keep the exosomes within the skin layers as it heals. Sun - avoid the sun due to skin sensitivity for 4-5 days. Use of a wide-brimmed hat is preferred if you must be in the sun, but a mineral based sunscreen is permissible from day 2 on. Dryness - Skin may appear more dry from the procedure for up to a week, making some fine lines more visible. Using gentle and clean moisturizers will help. Improved skin health is normally visible within the first week, with a peak in collagen growth in 6-8 weeks, and remodeling continuing for the first 2 years.

Reduce Risk:

Infection is very rare but consider wiping glasses, jewelry, and cell phones that you plan to use after treatment down with alcohol or cleanser. If excessive swelling persists or infection occurs (very rare) contact your provider right away so it can be treated with appropriate topical treatment or adjunct care. If you have any unsuspected side effects from your treatment, contact our office or go to your local urgent care or emergency room.


It is commonly recommended to receive your first 3 treatments 4-6 weeks apart. Then, exosome treatments are needed only as upkeep every year or two. More treatments may be necessary for more severe concerns. Each treatment builds on the previous and too much time between treatments may slow improvement.

*Results vary and cannot be guaranteed.

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