Genetically Modified Foods: A food supply disaster

Sara ThyrSep 11 2006

Genetically modified (GM) foods are not legal in the UK. Seed companies in the US have lobbied and pushed hard to sell farmers the seeds that they have developed, presumably to make crops easier to care for – such as “Round-Up Ready Soy Beans” - the whole field can be sprayed with Round-Up and the soybeans will live while all of the weeds will die off. The problem is that our bodies are not built to handle these genetically modified foods.

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Soak Up the Green

Sara ThyrAug 8 2006

Green is a great buzzword these days. It's used in marketing for everything from home-builders to cleaning products to automobiles. The concept implies that these goods or services will be better for our environment and our health. I am all for it. But green goes much deeper. And as I sit in my back yard surrounded by this very green summer I am totally inspired.

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Beat Spring Allergies

Sara ThyrApr 20 2006

Spring is a time for buds bursting forth and excitement that the long winter is ending. It’s also a time for a great amount of pollen in the air as all of the trees begin to try to reproduce. Simple natural therapies can assist you in decreasing your allergy symptoms.

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Detoxify Your Noggin

Sara ThyrMar 15 2006

If you are ready for a spring cleanse, add these ideas for detoxifying your head.

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Natural Childbirth: Improving Health, Conception to Delivery

Sara ThyrMar 6 2006

This article focuses on benefits of natural childbirth and how naturopathic medicine can improve outcomes in prenatal care.

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