Natural Childbirth: Improving Health, Conception to Delivery

No transition is as important as the one we make from the womb to life on the outside. Studies have been done that show that this transition has as much effect on our future lives as do our genetics. So, to begin life without trauma and excessive stress is perhaps one of the most important decisions we can make for our children. A natural homebirth is often a perfect way to accomplish this goal.

Dr. Sara Thyr is a naturopathic doctor and midwife practicing in Manchester and at the Concord Birth & Wellness Center. Her specialty areas include midwifery, gynecology, and pediatrics; however, Dr. Thyr's practice spans people of all ages.

Her philosophy of birth is that it is a beautiful, natural process that should be held with great respect for the influence it has on our lives and our culture. Safety of mother and child is of supreme importance, and routine prenatal care and standard testing help ensure a safe homebirth without complications. Nutrition and lifestyle are at the heart of her treatments with patients, and many natural therapies can be used for common complaints of pregnancy. The combination of being a naturopathic doctor and midwife is really of great benefit to many women.

Midwifery has been used by traditional cultures for centuries as the way that children are brought into the world. In many countries it is still the primary method of childbirth. Holland boasts a 33% rate of midwife and homebirth delivered children. With the many new technical advances in our country, we sometimes forget that childbirth is a natural process that does not always need to occur in a “sterile” hospital environment.

Dr. Thyr recognizes the utility of hospitals when necessary, and has built good relationships with many area obstetricians in the event that a transfer is necessary. But, most women who have had good prenatal care can have a successful and empowering natural birth that is free of complication.

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