Is a Health Savings Account (HSA) right for you?

This may be the perfect way for you to take back control of your health care financing. An HSA can release you from the grip of a health insurance system that is squeezing American’s tighter by the month.

Imagine you have a savings account of $2000 and you can spend the money on whatever type of health care you prefer – naturopathic medicine, acupuncture, herbs & nutritional supplements - and if you don’t use all of the money, you get to keep it…tax free.

The money to fund your HSA savings account can come from switching to an HSA-compatible health insurance plan with premiums that are 30-60% lower than your usual premium.

Regina Herzlinger of Harvard Business School writes: “When consumers apply pressure on an industry, whether it’s retailing or banking, cars or computers, it invariably produces a surge of innovation that increases productivity, reduces prices, improves quality, and expands choices. The essential problem with the health care industry is that it has been shielded from consumer control – by employers, insurers, and the government.”

Making your money available for your needs, rather than lining the pockets of insurance executives, makes sense. You can get the best health care at the best price. And if you stay healthy, keep the money for when you need it.

I have long struggled with my inability to bill insurance for the care that I give. This is the perfect alternative. Patients can get the care that they need and not feel like they are wasting their insurance money.

For more information, contact Doug Roffmann at 707-291-8244 or see

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