In the News: Zelnorm Recalled

The popular drug for IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), Zelnorm, has been recalled due to increased risk heart attack and of stroke. The Food and Drug Administration asked for the withdrawal of Zelnorm after an analysis of 29 studies involving more than 18,000 patients found that those who took the medication had significantly higher rates of cardiac problems than those who were given a sugar pill. John Jenkins, head of the FDA's office of new drugs, stated: "We concluded that the benefits of this drug no longer outweighed the risks."

Patients taking Zelnorm should contact their healthcare professional to discuss treatment alternatives and seek emergency medical care if they experience severe chest pain, shortness of breath, sudden onset of weakness or difficulty walking or talking, or other symptoms of a heart attack or stroke. Healthcare professionals should assess their patients and transition them to other therapies as appropriate. (NY Times, March 31, 2007)

This will leave the allopathic community without one of their favorite band-aids. Perhaps it is time for you or your friends to get to the bottom of your IBS. Dr. Thyr (and naturopathic medicine in general) excels at finding and treating the cause of digestive disorders. This includes IBS, constipation, diarrhea, reflux (GERD), cramping and malabsorption syndromes. From food sensitivities and allergies to digestive enzyme deficiency to other bacterial or yeast dysbiosis (imbalance), Dr. Thyr will seek to eliminate the cause of the discomfort or illness and create an environment that will no longer require drugs to keep symptoms at bay.

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