Fall Liver Cleanse

Fun Fall Liver Cleanse

Join Willowbend Natural Medicine for a fun group cleanse!

When: Wednesdays, October 10, 17 and 24, 6:30-8 pm* (If a morning group is better for you, please let us know. If enough are interested, we’ll add a morning time)

Where: Work, Petaluma, 10 4th Street (Across from Acre Coffee)

Cost: $185 (preregistration required)

Special deals: Bring a friend for half price & repeat Willowbend Cleansers 20% off!

What’s included : • Detox/liver cleanse supplement (Protein/meal replacement powder) • Fiber cleansing supplement (capsules) • Full detox book with directions and recipes • One Far-Infrared Sauna session at Willowbend Natural Medicine (and super Detox deal on more) • Fun, educational and inspiring group meetings to help you on your way

Why detox? We are all exposed to toxins throughout our day – from the pollution in traffic to the pesticides on our food to phthalates in our body care products – so a good liver cleanse is a great idea. We have group classes twice a year because we think it’s important and we want to make it fun, as well as hoping that having a naturopathic doctor supervising and educating you makes it more valuable and safe. During the cleanse, you’ll not only clean out your body but learn about ways to reduce exposure as you move forward.

You may notice • clear skin • weight loss • increased energy • improved digestive function • fewer hormonal problems • no headaches • clear thinking • better eating habits • sounder sleep

This is not a fast! Your liver requires protein and many other nutrients to properly detoxify. Not only that, but most of us have to continue to live our lives and work and take care of family. It’s really difficult to do that while fasting. You will be very limited in what you can eat, and the detox supplement will help with this, but mostly it is an opportunity to EAT CLEAN, and make some new, healthier habits.

How does it work? The first meeting will be our kick off, with instructions and supplements handed out. People should start the detox sometime that week. I recommend you taper off caffeine before the first meeting so that this first week is not so difficult. The 2nd meeting will be follow up for how things are going and discussion on introducing back in some foods. The last meeting is instruction on where to go from here – cleaner food, personal care and cleaning products and other important details.

Hope to have you in the group!

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